Welcome to our artisan workshop where creativity meets precision. We offer a range of exquisite services in CNC Woodworking and Laser Engraving, crafting intricate and personalized designs. Explore the warm and cozy world of Crocheting, Knitting, and Cross-Stitch, where we transform thread and yarn into unique pieces of art. Let us bring your ideas to life with the perfect blend of technology and handcrafted charm.

CNC Router: Carve and Cutting

In every carefully carved wood sign, I find the perfect blend of craftsmanship and creativity, turning ordinary timber into timeless works of art.

Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is the silent poetry of my fingers, each tiny ‘X’ on the canvas a stitch in the tapestry of time and tales.

Crochet: Amigurumi

Amigurumi crochet is my portal to a whimsical world where yarn transforms into cuddly creatures, each stitch a step into the realm of imagination.

CNC Laser: Etch and Cutting

Within each laser-crafted masterpiece, discover the harmonious fusion of skill and imagination, transforming the mundane into extraordinary works of art.


In the gentle rhythm of my knitting needles, I discover the power to weave warmth, comfort, and a touch of artistry into every stitch.


Tufting, with its intricate interplay of threads, allows me to sculpt soft tapestries that bring both tactile and visual delict to life.

Collectables Rescue

In rescuing collectables, we unearth the stories of the past, breathing new life into forgotten treasures, one piece at a time.